Prestonwood Forest - COVID 19 Facilities Update
It's summertime and we know everyone is itching to get outside, go to the pools and parks and just feel normal again! And we understand that with the school year ending, the kids are eager to utilize the community swimming pools so we wanted to send an update on our current situation....
Our highest priority is getting our facilities opened as quickly and safely as possible and we know everyone has seen the Federal and Local updates advising that pools can now be opened. However, we want to reiterate that there are still many safety restrictions in place that are also governed by the Harris County Health Department and the Texas Department of Health and Safety for opening private swimming pools that are not always detailed in media reports. And because of these guidelines and restrictions, as well as the delayed ability to train and staff lifeguards, we will be unable to open the pool until possibly late June or early July, if at all. Following are just a few of the issues we face preventing immediate facilities opening:
  • Capacity limitations of 25% and social gathering restrictions that would require very limited use of the pools and additional staffing in order to maintain a safe environment.
  • “High touch area” disinfecting and sanitizing guidelines requiring cleaning door handles, pool furniture, bathrooms, etc. after every use.
  • Splash pads, slides, water features, etc. are to remain closed by current State and local orders.
  • Pool management companies are struggling to fully train and staff facilities due to previous and current Stay Home-Work Safe orders and estimate several more weeks in order to service all of the new requirements.
  • Pools of a certain size and class are required to have bathrooms and showers available, which then requires additional sanitizing and multiple daily disinfecting. **Bathrooms attached to clubhouses/rec centers cannot be opened due to social gathering and rental restrictions.**
These and many more restrictions and guidelines create more of a burden from both a safety and financial aspect and we would rather our lifeguards monitor the swimmers in the pool instead of becoming gate attendants and cleaning crews. However, we are in the process of installing the required safety signage and have ordered touch less hand sanitizing stations for the pools, in addition to meeting as many of the safety guidelines as we are able to at this time and we are hopeful that capacity/social gathering limits will be increased over the next week or two, allowing us to be one step closer to opening the facilities for resident use. If we can open the facilities sooner, we will. But unfortunately they will not be opened for Memorial Day weekend or the week following.
The safety and well being of the residents is our main priority during this unprecedented event, therefore we must ask for your continued patience as we evaluate all options and abilities available to us when making decisions in the best interest of the community as a whole. Additional updates will be provided as soon as they are available.
Thank you,
Prestonwood Forest Maintenance Association - Board of Directors
High Sierra Management
NOTICE: Cancellation of Recycling Services Effective May 30, 2020
The Prestonwood Forest Maintenance Association Board of Directors annually review costs and services to ensure the community and its members are receiving the most beneficial use of the annual assessments. And over the past two years as the market for recyclables continues to decrease and costs to process and pick up are on the rise according to broad research, the Board has had to make the tough decision to utilize the nearly $24,000.00 annual cost for this added service toward other fiscal responsibilities that will provide more long term benefit to entire community.
The ever-increasing age of community facilities creating increased costs and the need to replenish reserve funds are just two examples of why discretionary spending must be limited. Additional factors in the decision making process also include that after monitoring usage over the past several months, less than roughly 30% of the entire community on average actually recycles on a regular basis and that the Association has been recently advised of impending service cost increases for trash and recycling that would exceed budget availability. We realize that it is very important to a great number of our residents that the Association provide a convenient means for everyone to be environmentally responsible, but the Board also feels that most will understand the need to re-evaluate this spending when the added costs for such become more of a burden that will take away from other important required needs and services.
Therefore, effective Saturday, May 30, 2020 (last recycling day of the month), curbside recycling will be cancelled, and all recycling bins will be picked up by WCA Waste. Please make sure to place your 65 gallon black can with the yellow lid at the curb on May 30, whether or not you have any recycling material, so that it can be retrieved. There may be a possibility that WCA may not be able to pick up all cans on the same day but have assured us they will be back in the community on the following Saturday (06.06.20) to continue collection, therefore if your can is not picked up on May 30, please put it back out on June 6.
There are many drop off locations for residents to continue their recycling efforts in the surrounding area and the Board will certainly consider the possibility of resuming this service in the future should the global and national markets change and provide for more affordable options. We hope that you will continue to support your Board and the decisions that must be made, whether or not you personally agree and consider what makes sense for the greater whole. Please feel free to contact management should you have any additional questions.
‘Yard of the Month’ Winner
June 2020 Yard of the Month Winner

Congratulations to the Dean Family at 7510 Fernbrook Lane for recognition as the June 2020 ‘Yard of the Month’ winner! The following are also recognized with June’s ‘Honorable Mention’ for doing an outstanding job in maintaining their yards in such a way they enhance the overall appearance of our entire community. Congratulations to the Childress Family at 7502 Renmark Lane, the Vu Family at 14626 Ravenhurst Lane, the Makow Family at 8118 Dorrcrest Lane and the Whitaker Family at 8130 Birchglen Lane.
Please be sure to visit the Photo Gallery for photos of all ‘Yard of the Month’ homes, in addition to homes recognized with the monthly ‘Honorable Mention’.
The ‘Yard of the Month’ program begins in April and continues through October. Residents may nominate homes for next month’s Yard of the Month recognition, by using the Contact Us email feature, and by directing nominations to the Landscape Director. All Prestonwood Forest residents are encouraged to demonstrate effort in maintaining their property. It is one of the simplest ways to show your neighbors you care.
WCA Covid-19 Information for Houston Metro Area High Sierra Management is making every effort to keep all our residents informed during this unprecedented global event, and part of this effort includes additional information pertaining to the email from your trash contractor yesterday (see below for full notice from WCA). We realize that the email from WCA was confusing to some so here are a few helpful tips during this stressful time.

WCA is currently changing their collection policies to ensure proper and timely collection, as well as ensuring the safety of all of their employees. Their new protocol requires that residents will need to separate their compostable waste from their bulk waste.

Bulk waste is considered as cans, milk cartons, boxes and any other paper or manufactured items. Compostable items are described as solid waste which contains organic matter capable of being decomposed by microorganisms and of such a character and proportion as to be capable of attracting or providing food for vectors including birds and mammals, basically house hold food and other types of biodegradable waste.

However, they have currently suspended recycling services until further notice. Suspended services due to this event will not be made up or pushed to another service day such as recycling. Here is a summary:
  • If your community currently has recycling service, at this time it is suspended. We do not have a timeline of when this will resume. Please do not put the bin or cart out during this time and please do not place household trash in the recycle bin.

  • On your bulk or heavy trash service days, the limit is two item two items (bag or item). This is for bulk or heavy trash only; this will affect the household waste that is placed in a cart or can.

  • For trash that you are placing in the cart, it is a matter of prioritizing your trash, since people are home and probably cooking more, you want to be sure that trash that contains food is a priority over yard clippings (for example).
Please take care and be safe throughout the remainder of this trying time. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any additional questions.

Thank you all in advance for your continued understanding and patience,
High Sierra Management

*As a reminder, our office is part of the Stay Home Work Safe order and is closed at this time, but your team is working remotely so please make sure to leave all of your information when contacting our office to leave a message and a team member will contact you as soon as possible*

WCA Covid-19 Information for Houston Metro AreaOFFICIAL NOTICE FROM WCA WASTE: March 31, 2020

At WCA, our highest priority continues to be the health and well-being of our customers and staff during an evolving situation. Last night, we learned that one of our drivers has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. As a precaution, the helpers and other drivers who have been in close contact with this driver have been quarantined.

How Will This Affect Your Service?
WCA provides an essential service for the Houston Metroplex and our mission is to provide the best service possible to our communities. For now, our priority will shift to collect the putrescible waste first. This is the material that begins to breakdown and decompose first in the Houston heat.

This means that residents need to separate their putrescible waste from their bulk waste to ensure proper and timely collection. A two-bag maximum for bulk, per home, will be picked on your scheduled service day. WCA/VF Waste Services will not be collecting carpet or construction materials as regular collection related to this event.

Recycle Services:
Effective Tuesday, March 31, 2020 – Until Further Notice
We are suspending recycle service for the greater Houston area.
Please note, suspended services due to this event will not be made up or pushed to another service day.

WCA/VF Waste services made these decisions due to the severity of the conditions, and safety concerns to our community and the WCA family. We thank you for your partnership and for your patience and continued trust in WCA/VF Waste Services.
Please take care and be Safe throughout the remainder of this event.

WCA/VF Waste Services Municipal Department

Please Note:
If you have any questions, call or email customer service:
Phone: 281-368-8397
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
COVID-19 Fraud

Scams related to the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, are rapidly increasing as the public health emergency develops. Scammers are targeting older adults and those with serious long-term health conditions who appear to have a higher risk for serious illness from COVID-19.

Fraudsters are attempting to bill Medicare for sham tests or treatments related to the coronavirus and are targeting individuals to illegally obtain money or Medicare numbers.

What Can You Do to Stop COVID-19 Fraud?

  • Do not give out your Medicare number to anyone other than your doctor, healthcare provider, or other trusted representative.
  • Protect your Medicare number and treat your Medicare card like a credit card.
  • Never provide your Medicare number to anyone who contacts you through unsolicited calls, texts, or emails.
  • Be cautious of anyone who comes to your door offering free coronavirus testing, treatment, or supplies.
  • Don’t click on links from sources you don’t know, which could put your computer or device at risk. Make sure the anti-malware and anti-virus software on your computer are up to date.
  • Be cautious when purchasing medical supplies from unverified sources, including online advertisements and email/phone solicitations.
  • Ignore online offers for vaccinations. If you see ads touting prevention products or cures for COVID-19, they are most likely a scam.
  • Do your homework before making a donation to a charity or crowdfunding site due to a public health emergency. Be particularly wary of any charities requesting donations by cash, by gift card, or wire transfer.
  • Be alert to “investment opportunities.” The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is warning people about online promotions, including on social media, claiming that the products or services of publicly traded companies can prevent, detect, or cure COVID-19 and that the stock of these companies will dramatically increase in value as a result.

What Does Medicare Cover in Relation to COVID-19?

  • Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance) covers COVID-19 tests when ordered by your doctor or health care provider on or after February 4, 2020.
  • Medicare covers all medically necessary hospitalizations, including extra days in the hospital for patients who had to stay longer under COVID-19 quarantine.
  • There is no vaccine for COVID-19 at this time; however, if one becomes available, Medicare will cover it.
  • Medicare also recently expanded coverage of telehealth services to enable beneficiaries to access a wider range of services from their providers without having to travel to a facility.
    • This includes access to doctors, nurse practitioners, clinical psychologists, and licensed clinical social workers.
    • During this emergency, there are also more options for the ways your providers can talk with you under this provision.
  • For Medicare coverage questions, contact your local State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) at or 1-877-839-2675.

Other COVID-19 Resources

How Your Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) Can Help

Your local SMP is ready to provide you with the information you need toPROTECT yourself from Medicare fraud, errors, and abuse;DETECT potential fraud, errors, and abuse; and REPORT your concerns. SMPs and their trained volunteers help educate and empower Medicare beneficiaries in the fight against health care fraud. Your SMP can help you with your questions, concerns, or complaints about potential fraud and abuse issues. It also can provide information and educational presentations.

Texas Senior Medicare Patrol Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP):
Visit or call 888-341-6187.

2020 Annual Association Assessment
Click for more info on 2020 assessmentsPursuant to the Association’s governing documents, property owners are hereby notified that the annual assessment for 2020 will increase, by $12, to $660.00 per lot. The Board of Directors would like to again offer each property owner the opportunity to divide their annual assessment into four (4) incremental payments of $165.00 to assist those who might have a hardship in paying the fee in one lump sum. Please note that the entire 2020 assessment must be paid in full and received by the due date, March 31, 2020, to avoid late or legal fees.

Property owners interested in making incremental payments will find four (4) coupons enclosed in their mailed assessment notification, for use in mailing these payments to the processing center. The suggested due dates for incremental payments are as follows: December 1, 2019, January 1, 2020, February 1, 2020 and March 1, 2020. Property owners may certainly opt to pay their entire 2020 assessment in a single payment by the due date (March 31, 2020) and decline the advantage of the incremental payment option.

Flood Control Information
The Harris County Flood Control District hopes to buy Raveneaux Country Club on Cypresswood Drive by the end of January, with the goal of constructing a regional stormwater detention basin.
Raveneaux Country Club
See the full article here from Community Impact Newspaper - January 13, 2020.
Recreation Access Cards
Online Recreation Access Card Request Form
Please remember that Recreation Access Cards are issued only one-time to each residence and that new cards are not re-issued each year. Previously issued cards are remotely enabled/disabled each year based on timely payment of the annual assessment dues.
Each lot (physical address within the community) is issued one (1) ‘Recreation Access Card’ , which will be assigned through the duration of residency in the community and will work year-round – pursuant to each facility’s posted hours of operation and usage policy.
Please be sure to reference the ‘Recreation Access Card’ Policy and the Pool, Tennis and Clubhouse Information pages for important facility access details.
The ‘Recreation Access Card’ is required at all times to enter and use the Pool/Tennis/Clubhouse Facilities. Residences that have not previously requested cards, may request their household’s card through the convenient Online Request Form.
Lost or stolen cards will be reissued for a fee of $10.00 payable to PFMA.
Beginning in 2016, ‘Recreation Access Card’ and proximity card readers at the pools, tennis courts and clubhouse combine the functionality of (and have replaced) the old pool tag and facility key access methods.
Important: Each access card coding is assigned to a specific Prestonwood Forest house address and all entry/exit at each facility is digitally recorded. Therefore, it is very important NOT to let anyone other than your household use your Recreation Access Card.
If you have any questions, please contact a High Sierra representative, through this website’s Contact Us feature.
Parks Around Prestonwood
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Welcome to Prestonwood Forest Online
Welcome to Prestonwood

restonwood Forest, in northwest Houston, is a quiet, family-oriented community filled with mature oaks and pines - and closely located to an elementary school and several Harris County parks. Prestonwood Forest homeowners take pride in their homes and in our neighborhood community. Prestonwood Forest homeowners enjoy our many neighborhood amenities and services, which include two (2) unique swimming pool facilities, two (2) tennis facilities, and our neighborhood clubhouse. In addition, Prestonwood Forest is known for its long tradition of family-focused events and organizations - where active participation of all homeowners is encouraged.
The Prestonwood Forest Online website and e-newsletter are the official media for the Prestonwood Forest community and are maintained by the Prestonwood Forest Maintenance Association. The mission of Prestonwood Forest Online is to ensure that residents of Prestonwood Forest remain well-informed about the Association's Amenities, Services and the Official Neighborhood Events. Prestonwood Forest Online also augments the Association’s monthly homeowners meetings, providing an additional method of communication and a greater opportunity for residents to be heard.

Thank you for visiting and check back often. Please contact the Board of Directors if you have any questions about this website or the Prestonwood Forest community.
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