2016 July 4th Parade, Picnic and Pool Fun – THANKS!
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Many thanks to a long list of volunteers for planning and executing another spectacular day of family fun for the Prestonwood Forest community! The fantastic 4th of July ‘Parade, Picnic and Pool Activities’ best illustrates how our unique community ‘runs and funs’ on resident-volunteer energy!
A special thank you is also extended to:
Pam and Bob Hughes for generously donating all of the small American flags, again this year!
Bonnie and Pat O’Neill and the many Prestonwood Forest Block Captains for their time and energy to distribute and place all of the donated flags in front of 786 Prestonwood Forest homes!
• The 4th of July Parade Committee resident-volunteers; Delia Dunavin, Michelle Smith, Claudette McCamley, Renita Ramirez , Maria Bryce and Maria Martinez for their time, effort and enthusiasm with planning, organizing and kicking-off this year’s Parade.
Gary Craig, Ted Karis, J.R. Allen, Derryl York, John Broadfoot and the Prestonwood Forest Utility District for, again, underwriting the ‘Picnic in the Park’ food services for our residents and their holiday guests. (James Coney Island served our residents and guests 800 hotdogs in 2 hours!)
Jim Schier and the Knights of Columbus Color Guard for proudly displaying the ‘Stars and Stripes’ and leading the Parade!
• Our very important ‘First Responders’:
o The Cypress Creek Volunteer Fire Department (E- 23) for entertaining all on the parade route with an impressive array of vehicles and providing the very popular fire hose ‘shower’ after the parade!
o Brent Cook and the Harris County Constable Precinct 4 Office, for bringing the large ‘duce and a half’ truck, used in the Cypress Creek flood rescues along with other unique vehicles and for ensuring the safety of our parade participants!
Sherri Carey and her team at High Sierra Management for once again coordinating a long list of vendor activities, extending the Precinct 4 and CCVFD parade invitations and performing the event’s procurement tasks.
• The Prestonwood Forest Maintenance Association board members, Luis Dunavin, Jesse Green, Larry Hogan and Steve Jackson who generously donated their time and energy with the overall event planning, the ‘heavy lifting’ with event-day activities, and the always exciting ‘post-event cleanup’ tasks.
ALL of the parade participants - individuals and groups – for “rolling and strolling” with everyone and everything decked out in the “red, white and blue”!
Please be sure to visit this website’s “Event Photo Gallery” to contribute your photos of the 4th of July Parade, Picnic and Pool Activities, and view those contributed by your friends and neighbors!
The next Prestonwood community event is the “Fall Festival” - please watch for an upcoming announcement of that event’s ‘Planning Meeting’. Resident volunteers are essential to the success and evolution of Prestonwood’s family events, and participation is open to all.
2016 Recreation Access Cards
Online Recreation Access Card Request Form
Prestonwood Forest homeowners who requested ‘2016 Swimming Pool Tags’ and/or ‘Tennis Keys’ will soon receive the new ‘Recreation Access Card’!

The ‘Recreation Access Card’ and proximity card readers at the pools, tennis courts and clubhouse combine the functionality of pool tags and facility keys!

The ‘Recreation Access Card’ is required at all times to enter and use the Pool/Tennis/Clubhouse Facilities- and will be delivered to homeowners by mail from requests submitted through the convenient Online Request Form.

Please reference the ‘Recreation Access Card’ Policy and the Pool, Tennis and Clubhouse Information pages for important facility access details.

Pool 2 will have new extended hours in 2016! Please reference the Pool Facilities Schedule or Pools Calendar for special Holiday Hours and the Standard Hours of Operation.


2016 Annual Association Assessment

Pursuant to the Association’s governing documents, property owners are hereby notified that the annual assessment for 2016 will increase to $618.00 per lot. The Association dues have not been increased in several years and many capital improvements and repairs have been performed and are still needed, thus creating the need to adequately replenish and continue funding the reserves. This small increase of $1.50 per month per home will allow us to continue maintaining the financial security of the community.

Prestonwood Forest Community Events
Prestonwood Forest Family Events

In Prestonwood Forest, family-oriented events for our residents are established traditions. Prestonwood family events span the four seasons and include the: Easter Egg Hunt, Independence Day Parade & Picnic, Fall Festival and Nite of Lites. Homeowner committees are an essential part of planning and implementing these annual events and participation is open to all of our residents.

Be sure to visit this website often for late-breaking updates and the Event’s dates and times. Residents who would like to be part of Event planning and implementation are welcome to Contact Us for more information. Everyone is invited to share Event photos for inclusion in the Photo Gallery slideshows – and to view those submitted by our friends and neighbors!

Welcome to Prestonwood Forest Online
Welcome to Prestonwood

restonwood Forest, in northwest Houston, is a quiet, family-oriented community of homeowners who take pride in our neighborhood and encourage the active participation of all residents. Prestonwood Forest Online is the official website for the Prestonwood Forest community and is maintained by the Prestonwood Forest Maintenance Association.
The mission of Prestonwood Forest Online is to ensure that residents of Prestonwood Forest are well-informed about neighborhood amenities and services and the official neighborhood events. The website also supplements the monthly Association meeting, providing an additional method of communication and allowing a greater opportunity for residents to be heard.

Thank you for visiting and check back often. Please contact the Board of Directors if you have any questions about this website or the Prestonwood Forest community.
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